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What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

That’s exactly what I thought, too






Hey nice hair
Ms. Curly ass fro
You’re out of control
Mine is slick like the snow

Your right it’s petty to just
focus on your look
Should we focus on talent
'cause we know you can't cook

Go ahead and threaten me with your
little wooden weapon
But not even a bear cankeep me from steppin’

Up on your turf ‘cause I’m
straight rippin’ from Narnia
And if you walk out the door now
I promise no harm to ye’.

That’s rich
coming from a from a Frozen ass bitch

I don’t even need my bow
to deal with this sitch’

I didn’t realise you started rapping
'cause I thought we kept it classy
With the noises coming out your mouth
I thought it was your sister being gassy!

You’ll destroy yourself
by keepin’ everything inside
Your powers can’t be controlled ‘cause
your sick in the mind!

Both parents are dead!
Now you’re ill in the head -
If I didn’t know better I’d say you hated red -
Hair! Cause you changed your sis
Didn’t notice till now but your fate is this

To be upstaged by we the new dominate race
I guess people like us better b/c gingers are running this place.

Don’t pop your top
you unreasonable scot
If you weren’t so selfish then you’d’ve not

turned your mom to a bear
how the hell is that fair?
At least when I try and change people
I only change their hair!

If you say you can go change your fate
But I know the only reason you say you can
Is cause you suck at choosing a date!

Don’t bring up dates to me, ai’ght
'Cause your sister knocked down two me in two nights!

And yet there you are up in your castle aloneHope you don’t get frostbite sweetie just from sitting on your throne!

Once you look inside yourself you’ll realise your a sham
Not an actual royal specimen like I am.

And now you  understand I’ve just kicked your ass, so
take my solemn advice dear.
And let it go.



if someone else will voice merida, i’ll voice elsa for this.

(Source: four-big-idiots)


In my novella, there is a chess game. I had a cheap Jersey Boys souvenir notebook from a production in London’s West End, two pens, a cardboard and plastic chess set, and a ten day cruise to figure out how the game was going to go.

I am awful at chess, and the person for whom the novella was written is awesome at chess. As it turned out, my crazy diagrams were not necessary, but the improvement to my research and planning skills was invaluable.

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